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Kamal R. Mahtani is a GP and and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford

Abandon exercise? Only if you believe unevidenced opinion

This morning the BBC (and other media outlets) ran a headline dissociating any link between rising obesity levels and a

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The History of CEBM

In 1994 Sir Muir Gray, who was then director of NHS Research and Development for Anglia and Oxford Regional Health

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The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine 2014 Awards

Happy New Year to you all. With the blank page of 2015 ahead of us, we thought we would reflect

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Why we are not a nation of “pill-poppers”

If you are poor, live in a bad area and are overweight there is a high chance you would have been prescribed something.

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How to engage your students in your teaching, with Archie Cochrane’s help

One of the main reasons I keep coming back as a tutor on the Oxford Teaching Evidence-Based Practice course (this

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London Olympics effect on activity

Background The cost of hosting the 2012 Games of the XXX Olympiad in London has been estimated to be over

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Device guided breathing for blood pressure control

The Resperate device is currently being marketed as a non-pharmacological treatment to lower blood pressure on the basis of a

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CEBM holds follow up outreach workshop in Lithuania

Dr’s Kamal R Mahtani and David Nunan open the largest EBM conference held in Lithuania.

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How EBM helped me…at 3am

Let me set the scene. its 3 am and our little one awoke for a feed and had a good burp before he started expressing all the signs of being tired again and ready to go back into his cot….great! we thought as we were also quite tired…..but he didn’t settle.

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Those that can...teach (EBP)

My favourite EBP course of the year (every year!) For me, as a tutor, it is probably one of my favourite teaching roles throughout the academic year. The course began with an introduction from the CEBM director Professor Carl Heneghan. Carl reminded us, amongst many other things, of the simple steps in EBP: Ask, Acquire, Appraise, Apply, Assess.

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