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Tape or Mesh: Take-home messages

Carl Heneghan

NHS Digital published a retrospective review of surgery for prolapse and stress urinary incontinence using tape or mesh…

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MSc BLOG - Epilepsy in Childhood & ASD

Arsenio Paez

In my clinical practice, I follow many infants and children with epilepsy and rare seizure disorders…

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Value-based healthcare

Louise Hurst and Muir Gray

Whilst the resources – time, carbon and money – to invest in healthcare may be limited…

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We should shorten antibiotic duration

Igho Onakpoya

We evaluated the benefits and harms of shorter versus longer antibiotic therapy using data…

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UK Flu vaccination programme

Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson

Excerpts from a letter to Norman Lamb, Chair of  UK Government’s Parliament Science and Technology Committee…

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Psychoactive Drugs & Obesity

Igho Onakpoya

Would you be willing to lose about 5% of your body weight, but at same time increase your risk…

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Am I sick or just O.L.D?

Elizabeth Thomas

Ageing should not be viewed synonymously with disease…

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Identifying waste: diagnostic tests

Jack O’Sullivan

Healthcare systems around the world are desperately searching for ways to reduce costs…

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EBHC Tutor Profile

Sarah Stevens

When I was about ten years old I wanted to be a writer/ journalist…

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Better late than never

David Nunan

My first introduction to evidence-based medicine (EBM) was when I joined…

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The Value Transformation

Muir Gray

Tremendous progress has been made over the last forty years due to the second healthcare revolution…

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What makes a SR “complex”?

Kamal R. Mahtani, Tom Jefferson, and Carl Heneghan

Systematic reviews involve systematically searching for all available evidence…

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Transvaginal Mesh Timeline

The Mesh Story The above timeline sets out the major landmarks for transvaginal surgical mesh since its first approval in

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“Will it make a difference?” How this one question changed my practice and my career.

Joseph Korge

I’ve just published my first research paper…

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CEBM Research

Our vision is to be a global source of high quality evidence, on which clinical decisions can be reliably based.

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