Evidence Oxford

Fostering wider communication of high quality evidence for better healthcare.

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine is dedicated to the practice and dissemination of EBM in health care decision making.  We are committed to improving healthcare by promoting the principles of EBM through engagement knowledge sharing, research and education.

Current activities and initiatives include:

  • Conferences and Events, Evidence Oxford operates to ensure the delivery of world class events and initiatives designed for the dissemination of better quality evidence at all stakeholder levels and to generate better tools and resources for wider communication
  • EBM 4 Under 18s supporting teachers through the creation of resources that emphasise opportunities to teach critical thinking using health claims, opportunities that may be lost in the need to emphasise factual knowledge in such topics, especially where there is no direct link to classroom-based experiments
  • Public Engagement Activites, Promoting Critical Thinking – transforming the public understanding of healthcare evidence for better informed decision making
  • CEBM Blogs  Evidence-Based thinking and why it matters
  • Trust the Evidence Podcast Series presenting conversations with individuals interested in improving healthcare through the use of better evidence